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Paper Craft Workshop is a community that helps to inspire anyone interested in paper crafts. We offer ideas, projects and resources for scrapbook artists, art journal creators and paper crafters.

We comb the internet to find the best of the best, so that you don't have to. We want you to have more time to craft and less time trying to find what you need.

We offer resources, ideas, videos and tutorials to help your creative juices get flowing.

We are sharing information about our blog. Please know that we only share only what we love to use and create.
​I participate in several affiliate programs. That means that I may receive commissions for products that are purchased at this site.. Think of this as tipping a waitress. This allows to to potentially offer more information, services and giveaways.
  • Any items that I review were generally purchased by me. If the product was given to me I will note that. However, it will not change my honest evaluation of this product,
  • I do not do any sponsored posts where a copy pays me to review a product or service
  • Any product that I review in a positive way is truley ones that I like and use
  • I will at times do comparisons of products. These are my opinions based on use and experience
  • I will never recommend a product because a company has requested me to.
  • I do not work for any of the companies that I recommend
Linda Correa has been a scrapbook coach, author and website host of all things paper craft for over 15 years. She is web moderator for Busy Bee Paper Crafts on Facebook. Her goal has always been to provide the best resources, ideas and inspiration for all papercraft enthusiasts

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